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Deux Filles 5
Dave Henderson at Sounds was one of very journalists that knew Deux Filles true identity

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Deux Filles - Double Happiness

Double Happiness was the follow up to the acclaimed Silence and Wisdom album.
Although equally well received it had little promotion and a limited number of pressings were made. The ‘girls’ were in fact busy with the Jeremy’s Secret project by the time of its release and the album soon slipped from view.
Many of you have e mailed us about this record and consequently a search for the master tapes was launched but to no avail.
Help came in the shape of Charley Radtke in the U.S.A. He copied a near pristine disc onto CD using a Linn Sondek turntable and sent Colin the results. Colin did some further re-mastering in his own studio and the resulting CD is an excellent representation of the original vinyl album, cleaned up but retaining its analogue appeal.

We are offering CDR copies of the album that come in a hand made package and are signed by Colin.
These discs are copied at real time to avoid errors.
The price per CDR is £15 including p & p.

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